1. I Feed You

From the recordings I Feed You and Public Display of Affliction

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Yeah well it's true
She's been hanging by the door
Listening for subtle signs of war
But I've
Done nothing to bring her close
Not even assume a playful pose

I don't want her
She's not like you
I don't need her
She doesn't get me through
I don't want her I don't need her
If she were starving for love I wouldn't feed her
I feed you

She thinks
In time patience wins out
But patience also wears thin
And mine's about worn out
So please
Don't concern yourself further
If sleep's to be lost let it be hers

One day she'll understand
I have only one set of plans
And on the print drawn deep in blue
I'll always be next to you


I don't want her
I don't need her
I don't want her
I won't feed her
I feed you