Robert Wait Composer Songwriter Filmmaker - Press Bio

For as long as he can remember, Grammy Nominated Composer, Songwriter, Filmmaker, Robert Wait, has had a radio station and a movie theater inside his head.  Songs play, stories unfold, and Robert attempts to translate as many of these songs and stories as possible for the "outside" world to enjoy.

So far, Robert's internal entertainment complex has inspired hundreds of songs, many film and television scores, several short films, and creative roles as editor, director, writer or producer on a substantial list of feature films and documentaries in Hollywood.  His two award winning modern rock cd's (one under his name, and one released under band name "Tin Man Alley"), have garnered excellent reviews, and featured many songs licensed to film and television.  His instrumental scores for film, TV, video games, and theme park rides have propelled each to high ratings and enthusiastic audience response.  He's worked in every style imaginable, yet makes it his goal to find honest inspiration in whatever he does.  Currently, Robert is working on his next independent cd, while developing several novel and film ideas he's been reading and watching in his head for years….


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