A Short Intro To My Music and Sound Design Work...

Here's a quick look at some past Film and TV work.  I did all music, recording, sound design, and mixing on each of these except "Prehistoric Monsters Revealed", where I only did the music.  

I'll post more work from other shows in the near future, but if you'd like to see or hear anything specific from my RESUME, please let me know.  (Also check my Film/TV Audio page for audio clips from other shows).

And Just For Fun...

Straight from the time machine... my first movie made in the Stanford Intensive Film Production workshop, 1979.  I wrote, directed, edited, plus did the music with my brother, Brad, using a piano and a pair of drumsticks.

CD'S (click to listen)

Soundtrack and Other Film Work

Alien Autopsy Cover - Music by Robert Wait Fallen Cover Prehistoric Monsters Revealed cover Modern Marvels Cover Ghost cover The Desert View cover


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