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R o b e r t   W a i t
Composer/Songwriter/Sound Designer/Filmmaker 


Member ASCAP (Writer and Publisher
Member Audio Engineering Society


  • Accomplished Songwriter. Film and TV Composer, Multi-instrumentalist
  • Skilled Music Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixer
  • Experienced Sound Designer, Recordist, Editor, Re-recording Engineer
  • Expert Audio skills (Pro Tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Reason, plug-ins, analog equip, Mic techniques and proper signal flow)
  • Expert Computer Skills (Mac-based music, film, writing, database and spreadsheet programming – Word, Excel, Filemaker, Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, etc.)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent Organizational skills
  • Experienced Story Analyst (scripts and books)
  • Experienced Film and Video Editor (Final Cut, and physical Film and Tape from years as a Visual Effects Editor)


Studio Consultant     Creative and Technical Advisor and Achiever     Freelance
“Thank You” – The Roamies     Mixing and Mastering Engineer     The Roamies
Video Series:  History of Songs     Producer/Writer/Editor     Santa Clara University
Feminist: Stories From Women’s Liberation     Composer/Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer     Jennifer Lee Films
Songwriting, Producing, Recording, Mixing     MPL Music Pub (Paul McCartney's Publishing Co.) and Others
"Robot Land" Theme Park Music (S. Korea)     Composer/Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer     Iguana Digital Prod.
"Iguana Digital" Company Logo     Composer/Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer     Iguana Digital Prod.
"Gringoman" (Animated Series Pilot)    Composer/Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer Iguana Digital Prod.
"Code Black" Company Logo    Composer/Sound Designer/Re-Recording Mixer    Universal Music Group
"Monsters From The Past"    Composer    National Geographic
"Countdown with Keith Olbermann"    Songwriter/Performer    MSNBC
“Dear Significant Other” (CD)    Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Engineer    Emotional Wreckords
“Modern Marvels" (Multiple Episodes)    Composer    History Channel
“Winter” (Recording Artist – Sweden)    Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Engineer    Emotional Wreckords
"Talk Fast" (Documentary)    Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Engineer    Deauxboy Prod.
"Mosaic Media" Company Logo    Composer    Mosaic Media
"Tin Man Alley"    Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Engineer    Emotional Wreckords
"Why In The World Do They Do That?"    Composer    USA Television
"Ghosts:  Caught On Tape"    Composer    Fox Television
"UFO’s:  The Best Evidence" (1 and 2)    Composer    Fox Television
"The Universe Interactive" (Game)    Composer/Songwriter    Integrated Arts
"World's Greatest Hoaxes"    Composer    Fox Television
"Under the Influence"    Composer/Songwriter    Dash Gardner Films
"Fallen"    Songwriter/Performer/Producer/Engineer    Warner Bros.
"Spectacle" (Band - now "Moving Units")    Producer/Engineer    Supreme Recordings
"Mary Jane Colter:  The Desert View"    Composer    Catskill Films
"Prophecies of the Millennium"    Composer    Fox Television
"Miracles and Visions"    Composer    Fox Television
“Michelob" Commercial    Composer    Marcus Films
"Alien Autopsy"    Composer    Fox Television
"Breakaway"     Composer/Songwriter    Century Film Partners
"Hover Strike" (Video Game)    Producer/Engineer/Composer    Atari
“Mom and Dad Save The World”    Additional Music    Warner Bros./HBO
"Shot Tracker" Editorial Database    Database Developer    Various Companies
"Interview With The Vampire"    Editorial Supervisor (Visual Effects)    Digital Domain
"True Lies"    Editorial Supervisor (Visual Effects)    Digital Domain
"Man's Best Friend" ('70's Sequence)    Cameraman/Editor    New Line Cinema.
"Last Action Hero"    Visual Effects Editor    Available Light Ltd.
"Alien3 "    Visual Effects Editor    Boss Film Corporation
"St. Matthew Passion" (Concert Video)    Director/Cameraman/Editor    San Jose Symphony
"Cloud Walkers" (Sherpa Documentary)    Director/Cameraman/Editor/Composer    Elf Adventures, Ltd.
"Ghost"    Visual Effects Editor    Available Light Ltd.
"Flight of the Intruder"    Visual Effects Editor    Available Light Ltd.
"Vital Signs"    Assistant to Producer    20th Century Fox
Story Development for MacDonald/Parkes      Story Analyst/Reader    Columbia Pictures
"True Believer"     Post Production Coordinator    Columbia Pictures
Sting "Nothing Like Sun" (Concert Video)    Associate Producer/Co-Editor    New England Digital
"My Science Project"    Ass't to Director/Post Prod. Coord.    Touchstone Pictures
"Gundam" (Feature Film)     Associate Producer     Lion's Gate Films
"Under Fire"    Apprentice Editor/Production Ass't    Lion's Gate Films


Top Earner Status, ASCAP; Top Seller status, CD Baby; Established and Supervised the Editorial Department at  Digital Domain (formerly Jim Cameron's Visual Effects Company); Created and Developed "Shot Tracker" Editorial Tracking System (used at Digital Domain and Rhythm & Hues); story Analyst for Walter Parkes and Laurie McDonald; Best Modern Rock CD and Song Finalist – Just Plain Folks Music Awards; Film and Video Columnist - EQ Magazine; Designed and built 5 Professional "garage" Recording Studios; Own and operate state of the art  Pro Tools/DP/Logic recording studio.


Education    Bachelor of Arts Degree, School of Motion Pictures and Television, UCLA.  Also attended Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, and Berkeley Film Institute.  Trained in Re-Recording with Walter Murch and Richard Portman.

Computers    Fully experienced using Apple Macs for music composition, recording, and editing, film and video editorial, screenwriting, word processing, Studio Design, web design, etc.  Expert skills with PRO TOOLS, DIGITAL PERFORMER, LOGIC PRO, REASON, IZOTOPE RX, countless PLUG-INS, FINAL CUT PRO, FINAL DRAFT, MOVIE MAGIC SCREENWRITER, STUDIO VISION PRO, iMovie, DREAMWEAVER, WORD, EXCEL.  Professional Database Programming skills with FILEMAKER PRO.

Music    2 Award winning cd’s released as an artist; Composed, Performed, and Produced many Tv and Film Scores and Songs; Ability to play multiple instruments:  guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, voice; Extensive training and experience with both analog and digital multi track recording, mixing, and mastering (see above);  Expert knowledge and abilities in Recording Studio design, construction, and Operation.

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Music and Film Resume (pdf)

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Also Known For:

Alien Autopsy Cover - Music by Robert Wait Fallen Cover Prehistoric Monsters Revealed cover Modern Marvels Cover Ghost cover The Desert View cover


Started my career in the film business

  • A Trip to Nepal as a documentary filmmaker inspired career switch to  Songwriting and Film Music.
  • Have written many Songs and Scores for Movies, TV, Other Artists
  • Released 1st CD under "band" name Tin Man Alley
  • Released 2nd CD as Robert Wait
  • Both CD's won awards and garnered many placements in Film and TV
  • 13 Songs represented by Paul McCartney's music publishing company, MPL Music Publishing
  • More on the way....

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