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Magic carpet flew away
Soon as you had nothing to say
Genie in a bottle somehow broken loose
Fishing in the jet stream's good this year
Take a little oxygen and never fear
Don't you feel you're finally through with self abuse

Turning away
I don't need to see your accidents
I don't need to feel your pain
I don't need to see your show anymore
And that's okay

Backstabbing money grabbing growing old
Never know the truth in the stories told
Twisting all the words so the bad news can't be stopped
Worst of all is cheating all the good you have
Selling it so cheap it' s like a dying fad
Soon you feed the ones you love with the table scraps


That's okay that's alright
I don't need your show anymore

Can you feel the undertow
Pulling down all the hope you know
So many seem to love a good car crash
Don't go soft you need an edge
One finger frozen to an icy ledge
Hurry up don't you have more life to waste


That's alright that's okay
That's alright that's okay