Tin Man Alley - Public Display Of Affliction CD

Tin Man Alley CD 1Melodies, harmonies, atmospheric loops, shimmering guitars,
lyrics about real life but not as serious as your

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Hello Goodbye / Why / Water / Daydream Season / Shadow / Silicone / Willing To Try / My City / Alone In A Cloud / I Feed You / Fly Fishing In The Jet Stream

Robert Wait - Dear Significant Other CD

Robert Wait - CD 1Loud, quiet, and in-between modern rock songs
about how people get along -- or don't.

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Lottery / Do You Know / Promise You Anything / Dear Significant Other / Aliens Invading / Strangers / Down / Broken The Weeds / You May Need A Liar / Fly / Superman / I Feel It Too

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Also Known For:

Alien Autopsy Cover - Music by Robert Wait Fallen Cover Prehistoric Monsters Revealed cover Modern Marvels Cover Ghost cover The Desert View cover


Started my career in the film business

  • A Trip to Nepal as a documentary filmmaker inspired career switch to  Songwriting and Film Music.
  • Have written many Songs and Scores for Movies, TV, Other Artists
  • Released 1st CD under "band" name Tin Man Alley
  • Released 2nd CD as Robert Wait
  • Both CD's won awards and garnered many placements in Film and TV
  • 13 Songs represented by Paul McCartney's music publishing company, MPL Music Publishing
  • More on the way....

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